Where the Heart Is

Now that my life

has become unencumbered in some

ways, and after hard work

and sweat and money

over months

I find I simply like 


at home. 

I put down the book. 

I put aside the phone. 

I listen to the buzz of bees

and the whispering wind

in the trees that have

grown to bring soft shade. 

There are adventures ahead

but for now


is where the 



Time for Butterflies 

I’d been too busy

raising kids, 

working full time 

and planning meal after


meal and

dealing with life 

and mortality’s

to spend much time 

pulling weeds in

my yard 

and shaping beauty–

until last summer

I threw wildflower seeds

on the barren strip

along the 

driveway and

added water. 
This summer, 

The golden poppies 

have sprung 

and every warm day

smells sweet and

is humming with bees

and we see white

and yellow

and multi-hued blue

butterflies twitter atop

the blossoms. 
Their air-dances 

make my heart flutter

in gladness. 

I had thought butterflies 

and bees were gone. 

All they needed were

seeds and

a little 


©Laurie Lynn Newman 

Where Can Truth be Found?(A Villanelle)

The truth is precious as a diamond, bright;
it is hidden from those who strive alone,

but glimmers, sweet, when thought on care, alight. 

The loudest voices shout they have the right,

not seeing others’ pain, ’cause truth they “own”

And truth is precious as a diamond, bright.

Those who live adversity bring insight

not found within the bounds of safety zone.

But truth glimmers, where thought on care, alight. 

It won’t be found where greed and power hold tight,
for wisdom shines where empathy is honed. 

The truth is precious as a diamond, bright. 

Not wielded like a hammer, bringing blight,
truth will reveal the way to guide us home.

 It glimmers, sweet, when thought on care, alight. 

Seek with your heart to know the truth and right,
and humbly hear what other souls have known. 

The truth is precious as a diamond, bright,

and glimmers, sweet, when thought on care, alight. 

©Laurie Lynn Newman


Right now, the trick

is to resist the lure of instant gratification 

and the easy escape found

readily in a screen, a purchase,

 a glass, on a plate, or

a toke. 

In the present moment,

we need all our wits about us

and so much grounding in love

that we see

and remember what is most dear

and precious:

life and freedom,

a generous heart, 

simple beauty and an alert, 

hungry mind,

a craving for kindness 

for the stranger

and for yourself. 

Courage, my friends. 


©Laurie Lynn Newman

Words Not Said

Finding the word that

expresses the feeling or

invites the imagination or

paints the vision —

Finding that word is like walking to the end

of the high diving board,

legs quivering heart-thumping

the water below is still and dark

and an  impossibly long ways down. 

You can crawl back to the ladder 


slowly climb back down

(I’ve done it, and saved my energy 

for quieter pursuits, but then wondered

what I missed)

or you can come to the edge

and trust that the words spoken

will free you 

as you feel the wind

whip past your ears,

And for a few moments you


expansive and new

before you slip into the bracing 

coolness and you think:

“I want to do that again!”

What other words are unspoken?


Some say the 

name of God is


Today begins my sabbatical 

leave from work. 

I hope it may it be a sabbath rest

a time of peace

free from compulsions 

open to spirit

moved by compassion 

filled with play

and brimming with

infectious laughter

and new thoughts. 

May this day hold in it, for you

peace, perspective 



©Laurie Lynn Newman

Step by Step

I keep wondering as

I follow news reports:

When did we get so mean?

Retaliation has always

had its deadly, dark, draw

but it seems that we are soul-stunted,

unwilling and oblivious to

empathy and the power to

grow us deep and wide. 

Perhaps now seems a dim-time

but there are always those 

who reach for forgiveness. 

Maybe there are even more 

people now than ever,

giving themselves to compassion 

and willing to be broken, some,

for another. 

And, every small step

of compassion moves us all

the vision

of wholeness.