World-Class Cuddling

He seduced me with his laser-listening.

He won me with his ebullient humor

and kisses that sang to every cell in me,

“You are home!”

We would spoon sweetly as he

in newscaster voice, narrated our

winning the gold-medal

in Olympic cuddling.

Two years ago, my Love left his body.

I have been lobbing spirit-satellites

since then, seeking his presence

and the peace felt as

we laced our fingers together.

I was proud that he saved lives

and thrilled that I made his life sweeter.

Our world-class cuddling is what

I still imagine as I stretch myself across

the wide, lonely bed.

I have traveled a long road without him.

I have reassembled myself

into a new woman.

What Love could be for me, now?

What laughter? What embrace?

©️Laurie Lynn Newman


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