Pay Attention

Move too fast, and you miss the way

that bead of water quivers on the petal.

Stand still, and notice.

You will notice how the

fold-of-flower creates deep, pink


The songbird’s sound startles you awake.

The distant plane feathers a white plume.

Everything wants to be loved.

You are called to that,

in this very moment.

How to begin?

Pay attention.


2 thoughts on “Pay Attention

  1. Very nice, Laurie, but I spend all my time paying attention that I don’t get anything done! Mom

  2. I was taking an early morning walk the other day and noticed the sounds. For a few minutes there were no car sounds. Instead I heard the whirrrrr and clicks of cyclists on their way to work. And birds, so many birds greeting the day. It was marvelous.

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