Life is precious.

People are not animals.

And animals deserve not to

be gunned down for no purpose.

How can anyone claim to be pro-life

in any way, when children and teachers

can be gunned down on a brilliant

spring morning anywhere in the nation?

But, Sandy Hook, Reynolds, Columbine,

Parkland, Springfield, and the heartbroken

others, it keeps on and on and on and on.

We will never be able to stop this

if we allow ourselves numbness, escape,

despair and overwhelm.

We need to feel the pain and let it move us

to real change.

Clarity, compunction, compassion,


We belong to one another.

When we know that, we will protect life.

©️Laurie Lynn Newman


2 thoughts on “Protect

  1. I think we have failed in this. Not that we should give up, but my hope and trust is in the young people rising up to protect themselves where we have failed to. My generation stopped a war and fought for civil rights. The young people today are literally fighting for their lives.

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