The Dating Game in Mid-Life

How to play the dating game in the middle of your life:

1. Realize that for many, it is indeed a game. For others, it is a life-longing, a holy grail of hope. And everything in-between.

2. Beware the photos that are too good to be true. They aren’t.

3. Accept that at some point, you may be the one to discern: it is not a romantic match.

4. And the next day, someone else discerns that about you.

5. Sometimes, you will wonder how you got to this age, and you are on a first date.

6. On the first date, you will talk about nearly-grown kids, and you will wonder about retirement.

7. Keep things in balance. Do not put dating apps on your phone.

8. Don’t give away your phone number too soon.

9. Sex is on every one’s mind. But the rules have changed considerably since you were a teenager.

10. Keep loving yourself, no matter how you feel other’s judgment.

11. Don’t be so cautious that you miss making a true friend.

12. Possessing a sense of humor is golden.

13. Remember that you are a child of God, and you are loved.

14. The more you can simply have fun, the better.

©️Laurie Lynn Newman


2 thoughts on “The Dating Game in Mid-Life

  1. Ah, that longing thing. To love and be loved. To feel understood and cherished. It leads us to situations that are well served by your list!

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