What to do when the very season of

spring and new beginning is strewn with


Cancer’s ravenous appetite takes vibrant women in the middle of their lives;

teens perish in school and on the street;

innocents breathe their last in a poisonous gas.

How do we catch breath

when that thin veil is ripped open

and we know that we are dust?

What is beloved in this frail world

is like the white lily:

gleaming and fragrant.

We cannot stop decay but we can love.

Let the beauty stun you into silence.

Breathe in rain-sweetened mist

and dance until your knees wobble.

Hold hands.

In the midst of grief,

perhaps laughter will spill out

and gratitude will sing through us.

©️Laurie Lynn Newman


3 thoughts on “Lily

  1. With God’s gracious love this can happen…and my life has been a witness to it many times and have my own experiences….

  2. You have outdone yourself here, Laurie. How absolutely lovely. And part of the reason I named my daughter Lily!

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