How To Watch A Rainbow

If you move too fast

or if your eyes are trained

to a screen

or if you fail to walk out

you might miss

the way sunlight

sifts golden

through the gray mist

and the magic

of brilliance

brushing her

water-color wand

in strokes of

purple, blue, green,

yellow, orange and


It takes a few seconds

for your mind

to recognize what

your heart knows;

the watery bow fades in

and out like a radio playing

the song you long to hear.

That is when you most

need to give

your attention.

Look closely.

See the vibrance.

Let that color

stun you to


Listen as the full

arc appears.

Weep with hope.

Keep your eyes trained on it

through thin

and thick.

Breath it in

and let the wild, fresh scent

of it feed you joy.

Let your imagination slide over

the arc and into

your urgent


Believe it:

You were made to

see the rainbow,

to take in the promise,

to be fully

who you are.

This rainbow is for you.

This rainbow is for


©️Laurie Lynn Newman


2 thoughts on “How To Watch A Rainbow

  1. What a fabulous greeting to the new year! Yes, I believe we were made to see the brilliance! Thank you for inspiring me with your lovely poem.

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