Up Close

When we are healthy

and traveling a familiar path

and accustomed pace

it is likely that we don’t

witness, don’t see

wonder peeking out

from almost

any place.

We won’t hear the breeze

singing through the trees.

We may miss the pungent pine-scent,

the waft-freshing of the trees.

Why must we hurry?

What makes us scatter

our attention to screens

and miss what


Here is one thing,

just one thing, today:

Treat your senses to a

three-minute feast.

Stop, and notice

the most minute

and the least.

Breathe and taste.

Savor and smell.

Touch and see.

It is a blessing

to be.


One thought on “Up Close

  1. Sometimes I pause to do a sensory check in. I start with eyes closed so I can give some attention to other senses. I go through each one. What am I hearing? What can I feel? And so on. Then last, I open my eyes, which see things fresh and with the added richness of the other senses.

    Merry Christmas!

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