Honest Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day and today

I give thanks for my nation,

for the freedoms and wealth

that my loved ones and I


And yet, as soon as those

abundant blessings

come to mind,

I become aware of the privilege

that I was born to:

healthy birth in a time

of prosperity,

a white, Protestant Christian

in a majority setting,

blessed with two loving parents

who worked hard,

encouraged and

augmented my education.

Those blessings cleared a path

for much of what I have


I am thankful.

I do not want my thanks

to come at the expense of

those younger than me,

or those in more vulnerable

places and

situations, those

who will inherit

a planet off-kilter and dangerous.

My gratitude should not bear

in it any indifference

to any who by birth

have inherited extra

hurdles to clear.

How may my thanksgiving

carry in it

humility and love?

“Life is short,

and we have but little time

to gladden the hearts

of those who travel the way

with us. ”

Could our honest thanksgiving

bring understanding, compassion

and healing to our nation

our world

our families?

Could we try?


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