This season of life

holds a harvest of memories

and hope for new beginnings.

Usually, my heart straddles the breadth

of that, though not comfortably.

At times

the poignancy of what has changed

startles with stark surprise.

Among the throng of yesterday’s

trick-or-treaters, the wonder-women,

ghouls, and super-heroes,

was a tiny young man,

proudly presented as ninja- mutant turtle

and his brown eyes wonder-wide.

His father waited on the steps below

“Trick or treat!”,

as he toddled in the front door.

He looked past the bowl of candy

I held and peered into the empty

dining and living rooms.

“Where IS everybody?” he asked

in his four year old soprano.

The father and I chuckled,


after they left and I shut the door

against the clear, black night

I thought of who is no longer in my home.

Teenage son out with friends and

more and more independent;

my other son living in another town;

my deceased husband and love of my life;

my former husband,

charting his own future path.

The house was once full of others.

And yes, sometimes I too ask,

Where is



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