A Psalm for this Day

Thanks be for the simple gifts

so familiar that we may miss what

in the small what is miraculous:

for legs that enable you to stand,

to walk across the room, perhaps even

to run, hike and dance.

Thanks be for ears that allow you

to hear the voices you love,

for music that carries your heart into

the inky, wild cosmos of beauty.

Thanks be for your senses, and the scent

of rain-freshed earth and

rich coffee aroma,

for the steam that bathes your face

as you sip.

Thanks be for the mind

that can take in information

and consider past, and future,

for the ability to reason and to steer

action into constructive


Thanks be for friendships

that broaden your world

and brighten your hours.

Thanks be for this day

and what it opens

into when

you give





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