How to Live When Things Are Not “Normal”

1.  Wake up. 

2.  Remember that this day is gift. 

3.  Get out of bed. 

4.  Notice beauty. ( Are the birds chirping?

Is there a cool breeze?  A sunrise? A smile?)

5.  Give thanks. 

6.  Take care of yourself. (Stretch. Walk, if you can, or run, skip, swim  or do Tai Chi). 

7.  Keep abreast of the news, but only once. Do not replay it one thousand times. 

8.  Find someone to share food with. Have a picnic. 

9.  Put the phone away for some minutes and take deep breaths. 

10.  Listen to music. ( If you can find someone playing in person, and make music together, even better!)

11.  Create something. 
12.  Live as though today is the most precious moment. 

©Laurie Lynn Newman


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