Where the Heart Is

Now, left with some

days and weeks mostly free of obligation 

with a calendar that is blessedly blank,

the wanderlust that lives in me

is quietly musing

while I sit on the front stoop

and watch the hummingbird 

sample the red and purple blossoms. 

The jogging mom pushing 

the baby-buggy greets me

and I hear the persistent drone

of honeybees. 

I have so many questions:

How did we, as a country,

allow ourselves

to slide into such unbridled 


Where is the balance between 

engaged activism and wise acceptance?

What do my sons need most from me

as they make their first grown-up

choices? When to stay silent

and when to speak?

How do I see what is not illusion 

but truth , in all its fearful 


and quiet


©Laurie Lynn Newman


One thought on “Where the Heart Is

  1. I think think all those questions that leave me to question more is why I sit and let the wanderlust in me quietly muse.

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