The single 

musical phrase

haunts my

imagination, happily

resounding in my core

and I discover the clue

in that passage 

of J.S. Bach:
What makes my

heart leap and

eyes weep

is the musical 

“counterpoint ”
where the relationship 

between voices 

are harmonically 


and yet

independent in rhythm

in contour
Which is precisely what

I seek in relationship:

one with whom there

is interdependence 


 enjoyment moving

to each day’s music
but with each of us 

independent in the shape 

of our own lives. 

Like all good 


it springs 

from attentive presence,

deep listening and 

I want to sing


with focus and joy,

making music that

sweetens another life

and brings more beauty 

into being. 

©Laurie Lynn Newman


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