What We Can Do Now

They showed love

in the most extraordinary way:

they laid down their lives

for the women who were threatened 

by the raging man. 

The women

and the three men were 

going about their lives,

strangers on the train,

until this hate-fueled, broken man

focused his wrath

on the identifiable Muslims. 

When this scene escalated 

the three young men

did not avert their eyes

or move away,

busy about their own lives. 

Instead, they moved to protect

to calm, and care. 

The man with the knife

stole their lives,

but the love they showed

in their action will continue 

to inspire us. 

What we can do now 

is to live 

and choose ways to share our lives,

with similar self-giving

wherever we see 

hate erupting

or vulnerability 


©Laurie Lynn Newman


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