We’ve heard that

peacemakers are blessed. 

But, honestly, 

even with our

best efforts, the work of

peacemaking is fraught. 

We get so focused on the world

we forget to peacemake

at home. 


we give it our all,

only to burn out 

when the more 

things change,

the more

they stay the same. 


the way peacemaking begins,

and is sustained,

is through


Can we


Can we possibly step outside 

of our own beautiful 

but small skin

to imagine

life, today,

as someone else?

In skin a different shade?

Or born in another part 

of the world, beautiful but

gripped by rampant poverty 

and unrest?

Can we imagine

even feeling the disappointment 

or fear that our loved one

feels when 

we lock  horns

over something we thought 

was innocent 

but ended in making our hearts clench 

and our words rough?

Can we imagine 

the “other”



©Laurie Lynn Newman 


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