If you are lucky you may

remember opening 

a brand-new deluxe box

of Crayola crayons. 

Not the cheap imitations but

the kind that slide onto paper

smooth as butter

and come in vivid colors 

more than any rainbow could claim:

burnt orange, cerulean, cornflower. 

As I child, 

I spent hours sorting the colors 

into an array of cool tones to warm 

to sizzling hot brights. 

I made up stories to accompany 

the characters of the best colors. 

My favorite was periwinkle

a blue, vivid and


Seeing that color

today still

makes me pause

and smile from inside out. 

If the feeling of glad and well-being

you have when your friends and family 

are all together,  laughing–

was a color–

it would be that shade

of blue. 

©Laurie Lynn Newman 


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