Who is my neighbor?


It is very easy to

forget the things that are not visible

to us on

a normal day.

You know–those things:

the knobby star-fish

rock-clinging under the surface,

the tender earthworm

curled up under the soil-crust,

the bee at work inside the blossom,

the grand, rolling sea,

 far beyond sight from shore,

the bullfrog, silent, 

not singing his bellowing bass. 

Each day that we do not

see or hear these neighbors

of ours, we risk


Then, our compassion,

our ability to 

“feel with”, falters. 


Put down the phone 

and pull on the mud-boots

and pay a friendly

visit to your neighbor. 

Your sight

and your care

might just save

us all. 

 ©Laurie Lynn Newman 





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