It hurts to wake to

the reality of

the slaughter of innocents

by gassing and

death by

missles that rain from

the heavens

and scatter life

in tattered pieces to

the blood-soaked


The wind moans on this

wet April day

and the future no longer shimmers

but is obscured by

a  thick, dark cloud,

a malevolent mountain 

that we must traverse. 
No matter how biting the wind

or dim the path,

there is always this:

the smile you offer a stranger;

the fingers of love touching your face;

bread freely shared

and the warmth of friendship

that satisfies the gnawing hunger;

music-making that

plucks the taut strings

of your heart. 

This is reality, too

and will see us


©Laurie Lynn Newman 


One thought on “Reality

  1. Diana had a loving, compassionate call for silence and prayer on her Facebook today. So proud of her! Mom

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