A Good Life

What makes

“a good life”

or a life good?

I can’t answer for you 

or anyone else. 

But I sometimes can

see it in small moments  

like sunlight skittering off

the daffodil-wing of the 

fleeting finch;

those moments when I 

breathe deeply

and fully release all the air 

and know a quiet 

joy; and offering up

something good I have

made out of the 

raw scraps of disappointment 

and sorrow

and seeing that it 

became hope

for another;

and then there

is  the feast of senses:

sliding through cool waters

dappled with sunlight dots;

the puckery freshness

of lemon and lime;

strains of oboe 

that sweetly haunt

and the dance of human voice

and silence that calls

out of the deep. 

Feeling the warmth 

of a loved one’s hand

at home 

in mine–

a good life. 

©Laurie Lynn Newman 


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