In the bright days of springtime

when more and more

we emerge from

our buildings

and our senses are dazzled

by the surprise of rainbow

the intoxicating perfume

of tiny daphne

the shade of green so bright

it seems a painter went wild

with phosphorescent tint–

we may discover under a branch

or rough stone the

sloughed off  snake-skin.

Cats and dogs shed fur,

and so do people

because of the

change of season.

It can happen

all year, every day.

It is not painful, but simply

a part of life.

Molting, ecdysis,

happens to

scorpions, tarantulas

and snakes.

They must molt to grow.

But when the skin

is sloughed off,

their new skin is tender

vulnerable to hurt.


maybe you are just shedding

a bit of fur as you enjoy

some Saturday sunshine.

Or maybe

you are in molt–

the soft in you


It’s scary but also

strangely freeing to

feel on a new level

and to inhabit the space

of  your own


©Laurie Lynn Newman 


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