Thinking of You

Eight months

a week

and a day 


we gathered around you

you drew your last breath 

and I leaned against

your frail shoulder,

your still strong hand

holding my knee

and, I am 

thinking of you. 

Thinking of you as I wake

from dreams that promised

something significant

but I can’t recall upon


Thinking of you every time I 

choose the clothes I will 

wear for the day–

remembering your appreciation. 

Thinking of you as I

swim daily laps 

my prayermeditationinmotion

letting my spirit merge

as my mind sinks

into a hush that is

still alert. 

Thinking of you 

drinking coffee and recollecting 

the many times we sat

hand in hand

watching the birds

skittering as we drank 

the perfect cup

content and giddy

with love

laughter bouncing

through the room

and energy

pulsing white

and sunny yellow. 

Thinking of you 

when I’ve accomplished 

something difficult 

and feeling you

cheering me on. 

And when I am not 

thinking of you

in that deep core

of myself

the child who 

crawls into the warm

soft lap 

and sighs as love wraps her tight

in everlasting strong arms–

then, I am

feeling you. 


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