Holding Together 

Walking the knobby 

streets of an ancient city

I notice that cobblestone streets 

still function,

even though worn

under the centuries of

the feet of human beings 

and animal. 

Trucks and carts have worn

deep grooves 

but the mortar between

keeps the stones from 

popping out and becoming

 a stumbling block.  

From the ancient Greeks

we have the idea of “polis

the body of citizens. 

The citizens of any state or nation 

come with differing life


but hold together under

vision and hope.

What do we hold together?

Fear and dominance? 

Enough for all? 

Having it all?


 Kind welcome?


Love of God?


We must not allow

ourselves to be divided from

each other

lest the mortar crumble 

and the road


a waste. 


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