A House Divided 

We have the privilege 

of life in a democracy,


where some have abundance

and many have


We have the right to gather

to speak

to pray 

or not pray. 

At our best at times

we have led the world 

in vision and compassion. 

At our worst 

we have participated 

in atrocities while

holding onto a

righteous self-regard. 

When we are assailed by

challenges from 

innumerable directions 

there is one sure way

to fail. 

Before Lincoln spoke it, 

Abigail Adams wrote it —

(quoting the Bible):

“… A house divided upon itself – and upon that foundation do our enemies build their hopes of subduing us.”

Pay attention. Give voice.

Assemble march write call read

give yourself in protection 

demand justice. 

But never neglect 

the humanity of another. 

Seek truth and listen. 

If we want the house to stand

we all must do 

what we can

for all the



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