December 6

This poem 

doesn’t flow. 

The words sit

heavily at the edge of my brain


because it now it almost seems

like another 

It began three years ago

with a poem he sent me

through an online 

matchmaking service. 

I liked his smile and

responded with a poem

which surprised

and delighted him. 
We met in person for the first time

on December sixth


that from that point on

life was never 

the same 

for either of us. 
It wasn’t even a matter 

of falling in love;

It was more like 

picking up the best part 

of the novel

and relishing

every word 

until the very last

We married exactly two years 


and today would have been 

our anniversary. 
One year married. 

Except he died

seven months

We had hoped the cancer

would retreat

but despite his 

relentless dedication

to healing on all levels 

his body eventually

We packed

a full lifetime

in the two years

seven months 

and one day

we had together. 
He taught me so much.  

And he gave me the 

most precious gift

of love

in the most whole 

On this day,

“Happy Anniversary”

will be

more than a greeting. 

It is my prayer

of gratitude. 


6 thoughts on “December 6

  1. Dear Laurie, your latest poem is one of your best! Deeply moving. Thank you. We will call you and keep you posted on both of our situations. Love, Dad

    Sent from my iPad


  2. Happy Anniversary Laurie and Daniel❤️ What a beautiful wedding day it was~ we felt so honored to be there with you both. Watching the great love you shared for each other was a gift to us all! And what another beautiful, though heart-breaking day it was, to be with you and Daniel, as he stepped into the next great adventure. Words hint at what grief feels like…. but the depth of it will always be a mystery to me. Now Daniel reaches out and whispers to you in ways others can only imagine. Love enters our hearts and then cracks us wide open.
    Thinking of you and remembering Daniel. Much ❤️ love.

  3. Dearest Laurie, Happy Anniversary Happy day that brought you and Daniel together. Happy day that brought you love. However brief, your time together was so full that it flowed beyond you and into our lives. It was a true joy to celebrate with you and Daniel a year ago. What an affirmation of what it means to fully live our lives! To live our lives as they are now, not waiting for the perfect moment. You were both so brave. The love you and Daniel shared continues to lift every heart it touched. Thank you for sharing your joy and your broken-open heart with us. We surround you with love today.

  4. Grace has a way of entering one’s life in many forms and surprising ways, often in all too short forms and avenues to experience. You were blessed with that gift which lasts long beyond the time lines of life and lift you to levels of loving remembrances that endure beyond time. Bud

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