This is where he sat. 

So many times

I felt myself in the

radiant beam of his

adoring smile

and we pushed aside plates and teacups 

to allow our hands to touch

His were velvety smooth

warm and strong. 

When our palms embraced

it felt as though 

the crazy world had settled

into a peaceful 

bright stillness 

as we talked through our days

and planned our future. 

Even though there was always

the cancer-shadow looming,

laughter was our constant song

and the air crackled around us

with life, desire and joy. 

This week, 

I went back to our 

favorite Thai place

and sat in my chair

looking across at his spot


3 thoughts on “Empty

  1. Laurie – Writing and speaking are very therapeutic, almost like a virtual support group. You and Daniel had the great good fortune to have had time: to prepare, to anticipate, to begin grieving together. Your writing benefits you and in ways almost too vast to comprehend, your readers and those they touch. What a blessing.

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