In the season of change

when the waves of 

summer’s sultry heat cools

into autumnal chill;

when suddenly,
the child has become

the man moving into

the first chapter of adult life;

when you are slowly

unclenching your mind

and heart releasing dreams

you had for love:

Love -to-the-end-of-your days;

Ever-strengthening passion

and the joy of a communion

of heart, mind and body;

Especially in the grief season,
Find one daily pleasure. 

Let it be a gift that you 

bestow on the bereft child, inside. 

Today, put on the comfortable 

tan shoes, soft with wear

and walk into the cool morning. 

Feel the pleasure. 


2 thoughts on “Pleasure

  1. Dear Laurie, Although I genuinely enjoy and deeply appreciate all your poems, this one stands out. Beautifully done! Love, Dad

    Sent from my iPad


  2. With tears in my eyes and a lump in my throat as I see your courage–to live, to love, to lose. How wise. How beautiful. Judy Lambert

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