Living Mystery


“Mystery cannot be solved [or] known.  It can only be lived.”

(Author unknown; quote collected by my husband, before he died.)


Now, nearly one month since his death

here is the mystery:

how there can be such soothing solitude

in an early morning swim;

how my heart can sing

in response to the chirrup of bird call;

how lavender-scent clings to my skirt

as I brush past, and carry with it sweet memories;

how this day opens up

like the yawning mouth of a deep cave

that I will walk into

still disbelieving that he is not here;

tripping into the dark

not afraid,

but carrying the mystery

in my body.





2 thoughts on “Living Mystery

  1. You ponder well… I feel much the same way about my beloved, gone now nearly 10 years…once their love has engulfed and enriched your life, you receive and understand God’s grace in new and enriching ways.

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