Old and new


Another new experience 

and you are not here. 

You’d think that coming up

on the nine month


I’d be prepared for the


that freezes my mind


when I have a victory to cheer

an annoyance to vent

a discovery

words to delight

hours in night

when there is

not a soul awake

and the seconds tick 

relentlessly loud and 

the world is


All that I shared with you 

in this life

is now old. 

But the new

breaks in with

each moment. 

Now, my eyes see

with some of your


and  when 

I draw breath 

I know the air that 

fills my lungs

includes old atoms that

once you 

breathed, too. 

With  this breath

I move into today. 

In time

I might even

discover new


This day 

that I am in

happens now 

and you are 

in it, too

because you are 

in me. 


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