Urn Shopping


It’s a jarring fact

but yesterday, we had a good day.

Simple pleasures:

sleeping late

in the day bright with cherry blossoms

and bird -chanting.

Later, we enjoyed a sushi feast


we signed papers at the crematorium

where his body will



The tall, long-faced young woman

in billowing blue blouse

greeted us and took us through the quiet hallway

reverentially and a bit


She gave us water bottles, tissues,

closed the door .


My beloved explained that

we were there to arrange for cremation

that would likely happen within a few months

or weeks.

“Excellent! she said.

To stifle my laughter at that, I couldn’t make

eye contact with him.


Then she explained she was

three weeks into this job.

That explained how she couldn’t allow herself to smile,


when he announced that we were purchasing

a burn and urn.


For over an hour, my Love restrained

his ebullient humor


but when we walked back out,

holding hands

in the brilliant sunlight

with my heart hurting,

he could only make me








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