The saying goes that 

we come into this life 


and we go out

the same way. 

But, wait:
What about the laborious 

presence of the mother?

And what about father 

midwife doctor nurse friends 


we slid into the

light and noise of this world 

and sucked in our first breath

and wailed  wildly

the room was humming with hope

anticipation and the joy of others. 

Love tented around us
and made the space 


None of us really know 
where we will draw

our last breath. 

Somehow, no matter what
I don’t think we will be




6 thoughts on “Alone

  1. Dear Laurie, I have read your last few poems with deep appreciation and pride in your wordsmithing! You are an exceptional person with a deep faith which I hope and trust will be reflected in your sons. We have been thinking about you and Daniel continuously; you are constantly with us in thoughts and spirit. We go on Monday to sign the legal papers to sell the condo to Charlie and Joyce Johnson of Seattle, Wa. This will free us up to buy a better RV and increase our savings for our later years. We are already planning what to take home and what to leave here; we won’t be able to return with a lot using just the Chrysler. We are scheduled to pick up our RV in Seal Beach, CA. on May 17th. All of these plans are, of course, contingent upon what happens with Daniel. If we are needed back in Portland sooner than that, we will arrange it. I sent you a livestream link of the Jan. 31 service in which Norman Peters roasted me. I hope you have time to view it, because he is really funny. We are returning to AF via Green Valley, AZ. where Dick and Jan, our friends from AF, have a home, and they are encouraging us to look at wintering there for a couple of months next year. We’ll see how that feels at a later date. We hope to be in Portland for Alex’ s graduation, but again that is all contingent. I am so happy and proud that you are able to “draw your pains through rhymes’ vexation”! Love, Dad P.S. Sandra says to add that she feels just as I do about your wonderful creativity.

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