Ashes to Ashes. . .

No one gets out of life

Walk down

the shiny, beige hallway of the nursing home,

chemical cleansers twinging the nose

 residents propped in wheelchairs, warily watchful
soft moans from the open door–

and you know the truth.

But there are so many many many



to forget.

Filling up 

with too much to do

too much stuff

too much hurry–
These are some of the expert

ways to push down the truth


From dust we came and to dust 

we shall return.

Today, the smudge of ash

will mark the reminder

that like all of creation,

my body  is declining;

that decay is part of life

and that

the fullness I seek comes only

and always through Love.

Love is waiting to pour into me

and spill over into others 

and all.

Will I make space to allow 

the Spirit in?


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