Soak it In

Winter here 

is not too cold but

we are blanketed in gray gloom

that even weightless, still

crushes and

makes one forget

the song of cicadas,

the scent of mock-orange

the sweet surprising 

shock of biting into a

sun-warmed tomato.

String enough cloud-clotted days 


and you can even forget


But, if you are lucky

enough to know love

and the velvety thrill

of arms around you;

laughter that paints

the room 

a yellow so bright

you squint with happiness;

if your blood stirs

and you can feel

joy at your core;

the dream-truth of trust

because you found

home in the smile

of your mate;

then like the ancient green leaf

that pressed sunlight into

its  folds and bore

the pressure of millions of years

and shaped itself into

a coal-chunk

carrying sunlight 

in its being–

Soak it in. 

Take in love


You will bear the love

and light

when all is lost

and things change. 

You carry the love




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