Does the spider know

when she weaves her complex web

speedily, deftly 

that in just a matter of hours

or minutes

her work may be 

destroyed by

a passing figure

or the gust of

frigid winter wind?

When ice crystals

lace the web

and it becomes

a diamond necklace 

dangled from the

frosted street-sign,


does the spider go?

How does she survive

the loss?

How do you go forward?

How do you live with the pain?

How do you say goodbye

 to what is most precious

and tragically 

wrenched away?

I don’t know the answer, 


But I do know this:

When you have love;

when you are given what you want,

notice it. Know it. Feel it.

Let it soak in like a delicious

warm bubble bath.

Let the sweetness of

fill your senses

and inspire you 

to love 

with your whole being.

Live it now.

What will be will be

and you will remember

the Love.


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