You  are ten years old

and you discover another who

gets you.

You make each other giggle;

discover that it is okay to be wrong–

he won’t judge you.

When the anger bubbles up

thick and hot

what binds you is stronger than pride

or being right.

And there is the bliss of adventure

roaming the wilds

with minimal adult


You are happy


Then falls

the end of summer camp and the “goodbye”

swallowing tears because

the feeling was like a thrilling new home

a place safe, that


The parting gift:   a paper cup

with sandy soil and a broken stump

of cholla

that fascinating fuzzy cacti.

The plant looked dead, but the gift was given

with heart  and hope.

A treasure.

For the first year, the plant


And year two it seems more and more


But on the third year

new growth emerges and

new life.

Four years later

the cactus thrives

all bristling spine and


And you have faith in friendship,



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