The Assurance of Things Not Seen


The clouds have been


and the rain 



so that 

we have yet

to see

the grand 

Bavarian Alps.

My trust–

in what we 

cannot see


is wavering.

The chilly air

makes native

Germans ask:

“Where did summer go?”

I can imagine 

the soft pastels

of these charming buildings

warmly glowing 

in vivid sunshine.

But that is all in

my imagination,

so far.

Here is what is I do 


My Love is valiant.

Hearing of others living


with his same condition

spurs his conviction

and renews his mighty


I see this:

A long-ago friend who now

lives in Munich

changed her plans

and is driving

to meet me today,

to be present.

To sip coffee.

To listen with

the ears of her heart.

I can’t see this:

the smiles of my children

the faces of friendship

the healing prayers

that are being lifted

from Indiana to 


But, though I cannot see them,

they are 



4 thoughts on “The Assurance of Things Not Seen

  1. And those prayers continue…. and may the clouds both in the sky and any cloudy doubts in healing be shed and the light and glow of both the wonder of the Alps to the south and the wonder of what healing can mean will become even clearer.

  2. We look forward to return, hoping you will be renewed by the Oregon summer. I listened to a CD of Taize, driving to the Sandy River and imagined I was listening to you.


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