Always Beauty

water ripples

There were

no more


The well of expression

had dried up

in the withering blaze


sorrow worry anger fear concern stress unfairness of it all.

I was simply


But then

I noticed light

flickering in rings

waving across the water

and I knew:

There is always beauty.

Always beauty

is something I learned

in my first big loss

when I was twenty;

too young to realize

how short and fragile

life is.

Kathy, the friend who

knew me best

was killed instantly

that rainy October night

by a man

made dangerously stupid and careless

by alcohol.

I sat alone

in the chapel

for hours

over months.

I lived in the bubble of this question:


And realized there was no



there is always


Beauty in the newborn mornings

in peoples’ faces

in words movement dance compassion color sound and water.

Beauty in the grand stillness of stained glass

and solitude.

Always beauty

and that is my



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